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People we help

Our services support a large number of people each year with varied experiences and circumstances. Some of these people have generously shared how working with us has helped them to make positive and important changes to their lives. Read some of their journeys below:

People we help

After more than a decade of working hard and playing hard in my spare time, my lifestyle finally caught up with me; I burnt out in spectacular fashion, descending into addiction, losing my job and my home in the process.

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I was doing ok until the first COVID lockdown hit. My medication for my mental health was stopped because they thought I had traits of bipolar. My counsellor just gradually didn’t ring me anymore. And because I didn’t have anything, I started self-medicating with cocaine and alcohol, and it just spiralled. I tried to deal with it all myself.

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I didn’t pick up my first drink until the age of 20 but from that point, I drank very heavily. In the mid-1990s, cocaine became part of my story as well and the consequences started to kick in.

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The first time I got in touch with Via, I was pregnant and I’d been in recovery for about a year. I’d been to rehab and wanted to know what support was around me when I came back as I didn’t know how I’d act after I had the baby.

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Stories from our Services

Take a look at some of the positive stories from our services below:

People who use our Cheshire West and Chester service created a ‘Gratitude Galaxy’, displaying positive reasons to be thankful.