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Via’s award-winning reward card scheme

The Capital Card helped change my life and I am eternally grateful for this.

Everyone who starts attending Via for support can get their own Capital Card.

A bit like a loyalty card, you can earn points by attending appointments, going to groups, and getting health and wellbeing support at Via.

You can then spend your points on positive and practical items like food, toiletries and books at your service, or in local gyms, cinemas, shops or restaurants.

Each Via service also arranges group events so you can use your points on things you might like to try or do with other people.

Spend your points

There are a range of spend partners near you where you can exchange your hard-earned points.

The best way to find out where you can spend your points is with our Reward Finder.

For the latest information, visit

You can also ask your keyworker – they will be happy to help!

Get our app

Log in to the Capital Card web app to get 50 bonus points!

Just visit and log in to your account, all you need is internet access.

You can:

  • See how many points you’ve earned
  • View rewards available in your local area
  • Donate points to another Capital Card holder
  • Find out how many points you can earn for different parts of your recovery journey.

It can also be used as an electronic version of your Capital Card.

If you need any help, your Via keyworker can show you how to do this and tell you how many points you have.

What people say

Learning a new skill and discovering something that I thought I could not do was magical; when you are working through really difficult/painful experiences to be reminded that you can learn new skills and succeed is a huge prize.

Jessica who spent her points on a City Lit course

The session was very interactive and it was really good for my mind and body.

Chris who attended a drama group with Outside Edge Theatre

It is very important for me to know that there is somebody out there thinking about me as I have been shielding. Thank you for the lovely parcels.

Anita who used her points in her service’s pop-up shop

Being able to access the Capital Card for regular meetings at Nando’s and attending Genesis Cinema to watch films has helped me stay sober and make new friends with a positive outlook. I am very grateful to the Capital Card scheme.

Leon who attended group events in Redbridge

Our spend partners

Spend partners are local and national businesses that generously enable people who use our services to exchange their points for goods or activities they offer, such as a free meal or a trip to the theatre.

To see where our spend partners are and what’s on offer, visit

Being a spend partner can be hugely rewarding. Our spend partners take great pride in supporting vulnerable individuals and families and contributing to their local community.

Spend partners get full training on how to use the Capital Card, including installation of a digital tablet (some spend partners prefer to use their own), and promotion on our website and social media. We also offer training to their staff around drug and alcohol awareness.

Interested in becoming spend partner or want to find out more? Use our contact form below.

Get in touch

Do you have ideas for rewards or spend partners that you’d like to see in your local area?

Are you interested in getting more involved with the Capital Card at your Via service?

Have you got any questions or feedback?

We’d love to hear from you.

Email or speak to your keyworker!

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