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Moving to Via

If you work for a service that’s going to be transferring to Via – welcome!

We’re really excited to work with you and will do everything we can to make sure the transition is as smooth as possible.

At Via, our core values are not just words and are a central part of who we are and how we work with each other and the people we support.

People are at the heart of everything we do. We want the best for everyone we work with.

Be human.
We are accessible, genuine and humble. Always learning.

Do the right thing.
We’re open, honest and inclusive. We get things done.

Sharing information with you

We appreciate that you’ll have questions about how the transfer process will affect you.

In your service transfer area, we’ll be regularly sharing the latest information and updates with you. Use the log in details that have been shared with you to access the service transfer details.

During the consultation period, we update the pages at least weekly, so please ensure that you visit the site regularly to keep updated.

The service structure, job descriptions, FAQs on TUPE, timetables for consultation and meetings, plus details of any measures (changes) to the service will all be held on these pages.

We’ll do our best to ensure the service transfer is a smooth, efficient and transparent process for you. We’ll be working closely with your current employer and will share information in a timely way.

Understanding TUPE

When your service becomes part of Via, the terms and conditions of your employment are protected by regulations referred to as TUPE.

Most of the terms and conditions in your contract will stay the same, including your pay, your annual leave and your sick pay entitlement.

We’ll also provide you with a suitable replacement pension scheme. If you’ve got a public sector pension scheme, like the NHS or Local Authority, you’ll be able to carry on being part of this scheme.

If we have to change anything to do with your employment as part of the transfer, we’ll consult with you and your representatives about this.

Staying connected

During the consultation, we’ll arrange for both collective consultation as well as consulting with you individually.

You’ll be invited to group and individual meetings with colleagues from Via. You’re invited to bring a trusted colleague or someone from your trade union along to consultation meetings.

You’ll be able to ask questions at all of the meetings and you can also use our contact form. We review the contact forms weekly and will use the content to update the FAQs or respond to you individually depending on the question.

Your service transfer area is regularly updated and should be your first port of call for the latest news, any scheduled meetings, Via job profiles, presentations and more.

We look forward to meeting you and working together!