25 January 2022

WDP launches IPS Into Work Impact Report

WDP has launched its Individual Placement and Support (IPS) impact report for 2019-2021.

The report reflects the huge benefits that tailored employment support can have for people with experience of addiction as well as the wider community.

Since early 2019, WDP’s award-winning IPS Into Work service has focused on achieving sustainable employment to help reduce stigma, enrich lives, boost local economies, develop additional talents, and create workforces that reflect the diversity of their local communities.

Despite a challenging year due to the pandemic, our IPS into Work team has supported 218 service users into employment and provided over 3,700 hours of support to participants during 2019-2021.

Speaking about their experience of IPS Into Work, one service user said: “I have been in services for 15 years and truly believe this is an essential part of the jigsaw of which I call my recovery. [I’m] looking forward to my first step in that direction.”

One key success has been helping service users to engage with prospective employers and building up local networks so they have access to regular opportunities. Over the last year, the team has worked with more than 100 different employers and IPS Into Work service users have obtained jobs across 10 sectors.

Yasmin Batliwala, Chair of WDP, said: “At WDP, we are committed to supporting the development of resilient communities. Our experience tells us that helping service users to access employment opportunities, and subsequently supporting and sustaining such employment, is a vital part of what we do to achieve this commitment.”

Kim Archer, West London Alliance Commissioner, said: “We are delighted to have commissioned this innovative service from WDP. Employment is such an important part of sustaining recovery for people with addictions. WDP have been an excellent partner in delivering this personalised and effective service to our residents.”

Read the full IPS into Work impact report