15 July 2020

WDP launches Merton Month off Booze initiative

WDP’s Merton service has launched its Merton Month off Booze (MOB) initiative to help the local community to take a break from alcohol and boost their health and wellbeing.


The inspiring online course will be delivered via daily emails and is specially designed to help Merton residents to improve their drinking habits after lockdown.

Research by Alcohol Change UK shows that during lockdown 1 in 5 drinkers have been drinking more frequently. The Merton MOB’s mission is to help the local community to reset their drinking habits after lockdown and to experience the remarkable health benefits of an alcohol-free month.

By signing up to the MOB, you will receive interactive, daily emails from WDP’s MOB coaches, who will motivate and guide you through the month. The emails will help you to develop strategies to stay off the booze, share ideas for non-drinking activities, and help you to track your progress throughout the month.

There is an optional weekly online group, where you can receive tips and encouragement from others who are taking a MOB, and you also have the option to have personal check-ins with your MOB Coach during the month.

If you live in Merton and would like to talk to someone about your or a loved one’s alcohol or drug use, please contact us on 0300 303 4610 or info.merton@wdp.org.uk.