04 April 2024

Via – New Beginnings – Brent achieves micro-elimination of Hepatitis C 

A group of people smiling and standing around a banner at one of our Brent services.

Some of our Brent colleagues and partners.


We’re thrilled to announce that our New Beginnings service in Brent has successfully reached the impressive milestone of Hepatitis C micro-elimination! 

NHS England has a target to eliminate the virus by 2025 and Via services are aiming to do this in their local areas as well. 

Hep C is a blood borne virus which, left untreated, can cause liver cancer and liver failure. It usually displays no symptoms until the virus damages the liver enough to cause liver disease. People who inject drugs are at the highest risk of becoming infected. 

As of February 2024, our team in Brent has reached the following targets with the people who use their service: 

  • 100% of those in treatment have been offered a Hep C test
  • 100% of people who currently inject or have previously injected have been tested for Hep C
  • 90% of individuals who currently inject or have previously injected have been tested in the last 12 months
  • 90% of people who were diagnosed with Hep C at the service have started treatment

By meeting these targets, we’re proud to report that Via – New Beginnings – Brent has formally achieved Hep C micro-elimination! 

In partnership with Gilead Sciences, staff and volunteers at all our Via services have been working tirelessly to promote testing and treatment with the people they work with, on their journey to micro-eliminate Hep C, and we hope to be able to announce more micro-elimination wins soon! 

Marlon Freeman, National Hepatitis C Coordinator at Via said: “Hepatitis C micro-elimination at our service in Brent will be another next great accomplishment toward NHS England’s goal of eliminating viral Hepatitis C by 2025. Our partnership in the London Borough of Brent with Central Northwest London NHS Trust is a strong example of great third sector charity and NHS collaboration. I have worked closely with the service and seen our Via/CNWL staff work tirelessly to BBV screen and sometimes rescreen service users to ensure no one is left undiagnosed with Hep C, Hep B or HIV. We would like to also send appreciation to the West London Operational Delivery Network who have closely supported the service to aid in reaching this milestone. The work in our Brent service will continue to ensure the best quality of life for residents of the borough.” 

Faye Martin, Hep C Trust Peer Lead, said:Via Brent have been amazing to work with they have included the Hep C Trust in many testing/education events. Our partnership allows us to make sure service users get the best support through their Hep C treatment journey”. 

Louise Hansford, South Coordinator Hep C U Later said: “It has been an absolute pleasure to support CNWL to achieve hepatitis C micro elimination in Brent. This service exemplifies the excellent partnership working between Hep C U Later, CNWL and Via and has drawn on the excellent work in Hounslow and Hillingdon. The Brent team made great use of the Hep C U Later Cepheid machines and training which I turn enables them to offer quick and easy diagnostic testing and support their patients into hep C treatment.”  

Abby Campbell, CNWL Sector Manager & NMP said: “Congratulations to the New Beginnings team on reaching Hepatitis C micro-elimination! This is a remarkable achievement and a testament to the hard work, dedication, and expertise of everyone involved. Your tireless efforts have made a significant impact on improving the health and well-being of our clients who are affected by this disease. Thank you to all for your unwavering commitment to this important cause.” 

Councillor Neil Nerva, Cabinet Member for Public Health and Adult Social Care said: “It is amazing news that Brent has become the next borough to successfully achieve micro-elimination of Hepatitis C in our substance misuse services. This is a significant achievement in tackling this potentially life-threatening virus. Partnership working between the Council, VIA New Beginnings, the NHS and, critically, service users has been central to this milestone. This goes to show what more we can achieve together”. 

Max Griffiths, Service Manager at Via said: “I am absolutely delighted that we have reached this momentous milestone in achieving micro-elimination at New Beginnings. There has been so much hard work and dedication put into supporting our service users to get tested and treated for Hepatitis C. This achievement is a result of the amazing partnership work taking place at the service.”