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Passmores House

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Passmores House is a safe and tranquil residential recovery community.

We support people towards happy, healthy and fulfilling lives, free from being dependent on alcohol or drugs.

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Our comprehensive residential care package includes stabilisation, detox and a rehab programme that runs for either 12 or 24 weeks.

If you’re a professional looking to refer someone to us, please complete our online Referral Form. Once we’ve received your referral, our Admissions Coordinator will be in touch to take you through the next steps.

If you want to financially support someone into Passmores House, or you want to pay for your own treatment, please get in touch or ask for a call back from one of our friendly team.

What people say
Hear from some of the people who’ve come to Passmores House for support and treatment:

Passmores House has not only saved my life, but also given it back to me.

I feel grateful for the services I got and the help I needed to get healthy again.

I just want to thank the staff for giving me my life back from 25 years of addiction.

I was so scared, but Passmores made me feel so safe and welcome. My confidence has grown and I’m starting to believe in myself again.

It is a lovely environment for recovery. The staff were all very caring and understanding toward me.

How to get help
We mostly have people come to us through funding from their local authority.

You can approach your local community drug and alcohol support service who will usually have arrangements to help people into residential detox or rehab. You can tell them that you would like to go to Passmores House during your assessment and talk to them about your options.

If you want to pay privately for yours or someone else’s detox or rehab, the costs are:

  • Private Detox – £2,730 – 7 days
  • Private Detox Plus – £8,120 – 28 days (a specialist combination package of detox and rehab)
  • Private Rehab – £1,505 – 7 days

About detox
When you are dependent on alcohol or drugs, stopping suddenly can be quite uncomfortable and, in some cases, very dangerous.

A detox is a procedure where you will be medically monitored and supported to come off the substance you are dependent on relatively comfortably and safely.

The length of your detox varies depending on the substance, the amounts used, and any other physical and mental health conditions.

We don’t have a ‘one size fits all’ approach and each treatment is personalised to everyone who comes to us.

We help people with alcohol detoxes and opiate stabilisations and detoxes.

The opiates detoxes we offer have included methadone, buprenorphine, morphine and opiate painkillers including nasal fentanyl. We also offer detoxes from many other substances including GBL, ketamine, kratom, loperamide, stimulants and benzos.

We can do this because we have nurses on site 24/7 and a medical presence every day of the week including weekends, with support from our Consultant in Addiction Psychiatry, general psychiatrists, GPs, and other psychology input.

About rehab
Through our rehab programmes, we aim to help you to manage your previous triggers and prevent you from having future relapses.

Our rehab programme consists of a mix of one-to-one sessions with a support worker, group work and complementary therapies.

They usually run for about 12 weeks, but we can work with you to make sure the programme suit your needs.

We’ve got a wide range of groups available for our residents which include topics such as addiction, effective communication, healthy living and nutrition, physical exercise, relapse prevention, self-awareness, mood management, relationships, complementary therapies and mutual aid (peer support).

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Phone: 01279 634 200
Address: Third Avenue, Harlow, Essex, CM18 6YL

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