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Yasmin Batliwala MBE

Chair of the Board of Directors

Yasmin is the CEO of Advocates for International Development (A4ID). A4ID source lawyers to provide free legal advice and assistance to support organisations that work in the international development sector focusing on the eradication of poverty.

She has held several significant leadership positions over the years within the public and third sectors around HIV/AIDS, drug and alcohol dependency, and criminal justice. She has also undertaken work for the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime on these issues. A magistrate for almost 30 years, Yasmin served on the Adult and Youth Bench.

She is the president of HACRO, a service which works for the rehabilitation and resettlement of ex-offenders. She was a recipient of the City of London Woman of Achievement Awards in 2015 for her work in the public sector.

Yasmin says: “I am hugely proud to be associated with Via. I take pride that we have always put the users of our services at the heart of all we do. I am proud of the quality of care we provide, and that it is offered to the carers, families, and friends. I am immensely proud of our staff and volunteers, and the professional approach we have consistently adopted, regardless of the challenges faced locally, or nationally. These elements of what we do combine to put Via at the cutting edge of drug and alcohol services in the UK. As the organisation has grown with our ambition, our ethos has never been diluted. It allows me to say with confidence that we will always provide the best possible care, at the highest level.”