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Clara’s journey

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The first time I got in touch with Via, I was pregnant and I’d been in recovery for about a year. I’d been to rehab and wanted to know what support was around me when I came back as I didn’t know how I’d act after I had the baby.

When my daughter was about 3 or 4, I started getting a bit of anxiety, like an adrenaline rush going up but also a sadness. I couldn’t find a balance. Even though I wasn’t drinking, I got in touch with Via, and they got me some counselling and I started going to groups.

But then I had a relapse. Apparently, I turned up at Via one day quite intoxicated. I didn’t think I was as drunk as I was. But straightaway, they put me on the programme.

There was a couple of times where I was just like “I need to stop drinking” […] And Via did listen, I think because I had so much determination. I wanted to be clean. I knew I had to stop, there was no other choice.

Then I got a home detox and that worked for a bit. It wasn’t down to Via not working, that was down to me. Because I had put myself in a situation where I was overwhelmed – I took on too much and I relapsed again.

But Via never turned me away. They never, ever judged me. I didn’t feel any time that I couldn’t pick up the phone and say, “I need help.”

They really listened to what I was saying, and they knew that I was determined to stop. Even after the first and second time and I still failed, but they still took me back. You know how you are sometimes fearful of the shame of it. I didn’t feel that in there.

I have completely changed my way of thinking. I’ve noticed and everyone around me has noticed how much I’ve changed.

I think it’s because [Via] understand, they get it. You’re not another [case] file to them, you’re a human with problems. And it doesn’t matter if you turn up at the door pissed drunk and you’ve fallen to the floor. Or you go in there smiling and chirpy. The door is open and they take you in. There’s no discrimination in what part of addiction you are in. And I think that’s the difference for me.

Even now, I’m not with Via because I’ve been in recovery, but I know for a fact,I can pick that phone up and they are there. I’ve got Via on my side, I’m alright!