20 January 2020

WDP to provide drug & alcohol service in Greenwich

We are delighted to announce that WDP has been successful in its bid to deliver a new drug and alcohol service in the Royal Borough of Greenwich.

The new service will commence from 1 April 2020 and will be operational for an initial five-year term.

The service will be available to adults in Greenwich requiring help with substance misuse of any kind. It will be delivered from fixed hubs as well as in a variety of community settings across the local area.

The new service will have a strong focus on community, notably through our unique Capital Card, and will bring with it WDP’s recovery focus and commitment to working in partnership with the areas we serve.

Yasmin Batliwala, Chair of WDP said: “We are delighted to be chosen as the new provider of high-quality adult substance misuse services in Greenwich. In securing this new contract, WDP will be able to reach more people in need of our services; as part of this we are excited to be piloting a number of new digital approaches to expand the accessibility of the service. We are also very much looking forward to welcoming the new staff into the WDP family.”