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Diversity, equity & inclusion

Work at Via

We’re passionate and committed to continually developing Via as a diverse and inclusive organisation.

We’re always listening and learning about how we can improve our approach and understanding of what DEI is and how we can make meaningful change inside and outside of Via.

We aim to drive action, share learning and build partnerships that enable us to reach more people, engender pride and positivity in the organisation and make more impact.

We focus our DEI work across three main pillars:

Our services

  • Improving access for individuals, reaching underserved people in a meaningful way and earlier.
  • Strengthening pathways and positive impact.

Our people

  • Enabling our internal Via community to reflect the diversity of the communities that we live and work in.
  • Raising awareness of different diversity groups within our Via community.
  • Ensuring compliance with the Equality Act 2010 and with DEI best practice.

Our voice and influence

  • Communicating about what DEI actually is and what we are doing about it.
  • Enabling diverse voices to be heard through internal and external communications activity.